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The PR liaison of the Chinese Martial Arts Club (TAN LI ZHUANG) has asked the SRC to send off an e-mail to health sciences batch reps, regarding the new WUSHU CLASS, the club plans to start off with.

She kindly requested
1) that it's best for you all to display the attached poster to each of your batches before/after lectures.
2) To obtain a list of students who would like to join, the new class and to include the student's NAME, BATCH & TEL.NO.
3) To pass on that list of students to the SRC room by the 25th/26th of May. ( I know, this is a bit early to ask, but please try and help spread the word everyone)

Thanks for your time.

Nestor Rukmal

Student Representative Council

IMU English Singing Competition


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IMU's first ever English Singing Competition

Date: Thursday, March 31
Time:  7:00pm - 11:30pm
Location: LT2, IMU

In this stage, the contestant will be competing in a PK stage. It is a 1-vs-1 sing-off. The contestants will have to showcase their skills and the winner will move on the the next round...

Dear friends of the contestants, your votes will decide who will move on and, ultimately, the winner on the competition. So, come to the event and support your friend.

For any further inquiries, do leave your message on the board.
The finals will be held on the 7th of April.

Go Green Campaign‏


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Go Green Campaign will be held from 14th to 18th March 2011.

1) During this week, there will be a surcharge of 30cents for use of plastic bags or styrofoam boxes.

2) There is also a lucky draw, details are as follow: (perhaps it will be easier for you to tell them there is lucky draw and wait for them to look out for the details)

Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own container. For students  who didn't use plastic bag from 14th -17th March 2011, they are entitled to a stamp. Collect 3 stamps and they are entitled to a lucky draw entry. There's no limit to lucky draw entry. Lucky draw will be held on 18th March 2011, from 11am to 12pm.

3) There is photography competition.

4) There is interbatch recyclables collection competition.

5) There will be talks held by WWF and various other NGOs.

Secret Valentine's carnival‏


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Chinese Martial Art Club Announment‏


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IMU Secret Valentine's Day‏


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Hi guys I m Tony (Tok Yu Chin) from P110. As u guys know SRC is currently running an event known as Secret Valentine's Day. The nomination is going on now and feel free to nominate candidates from your batch. Secret Valentine's Carnival will be held on 14th of February 2011, the Valentine's Day itself. It's a whole day event and the duration are expected to last from 10am till night. In this event, we need a bunch of volunteers. Can i seek a favor from you by helping me to find volunteers from your batch? We seriously need volunteers in the following categories:

1. Volunteers involved in helping to set up.
2. People who are expert/good in Tarot's Card.
3. Volunteers in charge of station games.
4. People who have experience and ability to handle PA.

Volunteers who help out in this event will receive a certificate.

You may make announcement to the batch and post this notice to the batch blog.

Thank you for your help^^



Secret Valentine FINALLY UP & RUNNING WILD!!!


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LOVE is everywhere! SHOW IT! BLAST YOUR LOVE!!!

Time to let your mind do some work for your precious friends!!!

If you have just started school, it's time to give your friends a surprise!

If you have exams, you have something to look forward to after your exam, do something for your friends!

If you are on holidays, the MORE YOU SHOULD NOMINATE YOUR FRIENDS starting today:

Category A- BEST boyfriend (only for singles)

Category B- BEST girlfriend (only for singles)

Category C- MOST compatible couple

Category D- MOST compatible POTENTIAL couple

Note: The above 4 categories apply only to IMU students.

How to nominate? Email your friends' names & photos to

Fear not! As all informations will be kept confidential and the list of nominees will only be announced after the dead line.

We have also reserved Category E for our lecturers. Do let us know as well who's the most caring lecturer that you'd like to include for this run!

Category E- MOST caring lecturer

For more details, pls visit:

Or just click on "Secret Valentine" label on the top horizontal menu bar of any SRC blog page!!!

Rent/Sale link on SRC blog‏


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Exclusively for IMU students:
If you are interested to view/post advertisements on 2nd hand items/rentals, pls sign up on the Rent/Sale link clickable on by referring to the attached picture.
OR, you can simply click on this link for signing up: ------------------------------------------
Thank you so much!
PR Liaison
Student Representative Council
International Medical University

Summary: Oct Promotions


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1. There will be 3 new food choices when you feel exhausted from excessive studying, or just simply feel too hungry.
- every TUE and THU: 10 am to 3pm
- at 3rd floor outside the Library
They will serve the food in disposal containers and will also offer discount if you bring your own containers.
Shirley's Recipe Sdn Bhd
- WEEKDAYS: 4 - 8 pm, a set meal is at least RM4.50
- outside student lounge
Assam Fish Restaurant (tentatively)
- daily evening at IMU drive

2. With a clear mind and feeling energised after a sumptous meal, it's time for serious study. Not to worry, there is a TEMPORARY STUDY AREA (till Mar 2011) next to IMU Clinic.

3. However, we need to relax at times. Why don't you take a short trip to Carrefour or Pasar Malam EVERY TUE?
- 7 pm outside IMU (driver could drop you off at Pasar Malam)
- 9 pm at Carrefour
- RM1!!! (1st come 1st serve)

4. Finally, do not miss the HIGHLIGHT of Oct - HALLOWEEN NIGHT (29-Oct-2010). More details will be announced.

Thank you very much!
Warmest regards,
PR Liaison

PTPTN payment delay


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 I know everyone is fussing about the PTPTN Loan. Of how they are not in yet, Delay etc etc. I spoke to Kak Liza yesterday. She said PTPTN has a delay due to some changes in their system. Hopefully, middle of October the money would be in.

Second, for those who are having problem with the Fees payment, Kak Liza has allies with Pn Julianna of Finance for fees payment delay. So, if you have not or still am having problem, can please go to Finance (go in Reception and speak to Valerie - receptionist) and speak to Pn Julianna about it.

For more information, a yellow paper has been stuck onto the glass panel by the SSD by the atrium or at the Financial Assistance board by escalator (Ground Floor). Have a look at it, or speak to Kak Liza directly (SSD).